"To build domestic and international tourism to our great state of Oklahoma. We also want WhyNotOK to be the platform and support system to help our amazing entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses reach new heights."


In September of 2017 Elden Roland had a vision of showing the people within and outside the state of Oklahoma, the wealth of talent, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses in Oklahoma.

He believed that you shouldn't have to take your craft, creativity or establishment somewhere else just because people believe that Oklahoma is too small and has nothing to offer.

With Russell Westbrook being his favorite player, he was inspired and saw it fit to name the business, Why Not Oklahoma. He created a website that would make it easy to find local creatives, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Then with his wife's help and support they began reaching out to these individuals and businesses all over Oklahoma and gaining their permission to add them to his website. 

 In 2019, Jada Robbins saw the potential of WhyNotOK and reached out to Elden to help the business move to newer heights. After realizing that they both had a similar vision for the future of the company they decided to partner up and create the WhyNotOK you see today. As of today Khadim Leye has now made WhyNotOK a team of three. 





WhyNotOK is now an official LLC with a goal to be the #1 domestic and international toursim resource in Oklahoma and to help our local creatives, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses and other talented individuals grow, succeed, and get the exposure they need.

If you are reading this, our company sparked your interest and we are glad you're here. Whether you are a consumer looking to support a local, or you're the local they are looking to support, we consider everyone who helps make this business a success as family. So with that being said...

                                WELCOME TO THE WHYNOTOK FAMILY!!